Have A Satisfying Diner Breakfast!

Nothing beats a hot and satisfying diner breakfast. We serve breakfast all day at Shorty’s Place, so stop by and get the amazing dishes you love!

Eggs, Eggs, Eggs

Cooked your style and served with toast.

One egg $2.69
Two eggs $3.69
Three eggs $4.39
Two eggs, toast & Coffee $3.99
Two eggs & meat $5.99
Your choice of ham, bacon or sausage
Steak & Eggs $12.19
NEW! Choice of in-house cut ribeye or MJ sirloin steak served with home fries
Benny’s Eggs served with homefries $10.19
  1. Classic Eggs Benedict
  2. Shorty’s Way – Sausage patty instead of ham
  3. Boot’s Way – Spinach or tomato instead of ham
Breakfast Lasagna $8.29
Our warm casserole of scrambled eggs, ham, sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, peppers, and potatoes. Add your favorite cheese for $1.50
Shorty’s Big Breakfast Platter $8.99
Two eggs, two toast, homefries, one pancake or one French toast, and your choice of ham, bacon, or sausage
Fort Myers Scrambler $7.29
Scrambled eggs, mushrooms, onions, ham, and cheddar cheese on ciabatta bread

Three Egg Omelets

Your choice of cheese and served with toast

Egg and cheese $6.69
Egg and Meat $7.69
Your choice of ham, bacon, sausage, or pepperoni
Egg and Veggies $7.69
With onions, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, and cheese
Western $7.69
With ham, cheese, and onions
Shorty’s Hot- To -Trot $8.69
With house-made hot pepper, mushroom, and onion mix, and your choice of ham, bacon or sausage and cheese
Meat Lovers $8.69
Ham, bacon, sausage, pepperoni, and cheese
Broccoli and Cheese $7.69
Spinach $7.99
With red onions and feta
Florentine $8.79
NEW! Portobello, spinach, red onion and cheddar
Philly Cheese $8.79
NEW! Shaved steak, grilled onion and provolone

Shorty’s Eggwiches

Add a small order of homefries with any sandwich for $2.59

Western Egg Sandwich $5.39
On toast
Shorty’s Eggwich $5.29
Choose from English muffin, bagel, or croissant, with two eggs, cheese and your choice of ham, bacon, or sausage
Breakfast Burrito $5.79
Two eggs and your choice of meat, topped with cheddar cheese . Add onions, peppers, mushrooms, homefries $6.89
Ham Quickie $4.59
Two eggs scrambled with diced ham served on toast

Pancakes, French Toast & More

Add blueberries, bananas or chocolate chips for $1.00

Buttermilk Pancakes (2) $4.39, (3) $5.29
French Toast (2) $4.39, (3) $5.29
Pancake or French Toast Platter $7.69
Two pancakes or French toast, two eggs, two toast
Stuffed French Toast $6.69
Two, stuffed with our sweetened cream cheese filling and topped with strawberries or blueberries and chopped nuts
French Toast Sandwich $6.39
With fried egg and sausage in the middle
Sausage & Biscuit $4.99
Two buttermilk biscuits topped with sausage gravy


Cottage Cheese $2.89
Applesauce $2.89
Fruit Cup (seasonal) $3.39
Vegetables $2.89
Hot Peppers $3.29
Coleslaw $2.89

Breakfast Extras

Ham, Bacon, or Sausage $2.99
Homefries sm $2.69, reg $3.19
Corned Beef Hash sm $2.69, reg $3.59
Toast (2) $1.59
Raisin Toast $2.29
English Muffin $1.99
Cinnamon Roll $2.59
Oatmeal $2.89
Bagel $2.39
Cold Cereal $2.39
Doughnuts $1.49
Muffins (assorted) $1.99
Cream Cheese $.75
Peanut Butter $.75